Turning over a new leaf

Keep Calm and Turn Over a New Leaf

Keep Calm and Turn Over a New Leaf

Turning over a new leaf January 2015

January is a notoriously difficult time for people. After all the excesses of the festive period (overeating, drinking etc.), and the New Year celebrations, during which superfluous amounts of alcohol may have been consumed, empathetic individuals come up with ideas to encourage us to take stock and think about ways to improve our lives. This month, we have Dry January, Blooming Monday,National Obesity Awareness Week (12-18th) and an awareness campaign to reduce our sugar intake!!

However, with a little extra willpower, and with the help of that feeling we get at the beginning of a new year, starting afresh with renewed enthusiasm, we can use these emotive feelings, take the bull by the horns, and create new habits and rid ourselves of the old. What better time of year to take up a new hobby, move around a bit more, eat more healthily and, generally, take better care of ourselves.

We hope our first ‘mini’ blog provides you with some inspiration for turning over a new leaf.

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