MHFA Standard delivered at TATA Steel

During period’s of uncertainty, people can fear for their future and find it difficult to talk about the situations they are encountering.  Having somebody to talk to can make a huge difference.  Our steel industry is currently facing radical changes with closures, mass redundancies and new buyer’s being sought.  It may be little consolation to some that TATA Steel have trained a number of staff in Scunthorpe and Rotherham to be Mental Health First Aiders.  Having an identified person (Mental Health First Aider) to talk to may make all the difference to some individuals.  Thank you to Management (who will remain nameless) for asking Wright Mind Training to deliver MHFA Standard workshops to some of your staff.  Their enthusiasm to promote positive mental well-being and to look at reducing the stigma and discrimination faced by many who are living with mental ill-health will be appreciated.

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