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Mental Health Awareness week 2014 took place on 12-18 May 2014.  This year’s theme was ANXIETY.

We are all anxious at times, and in small amounts anxiety can be motivation for personal achievement or survival.  However, persistent and excessive anxiety, if left unchecked, can cause long term mental health problems and affect our ability to deal with everyday life.  Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health problems in the world; recognise the signs and manage your anxiety before it seriously affects your wellbeing. (Source: Mental Health Foundation)

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, Wright Mind Training Services Limited organised AN EVENING OF MIDDLE EASTERN DELIGHTS which took place on Friday 16 May 2014.   Staff, friends and colleagues of Wright Mind Training and Clark James started the evening by walking into a Moroccan themed room embellished with furnishings, soft lighting and an ambience of the Middle East.  Food of a Turkish influence was served and a quiz focusing on the Middle East engaged people in thoughtful conversation with the winners receiving a box of dates!!!

Sheherazade (a local lady ) attired in authentic bedlah costume entertained with a graceful exhibition of oriental dance.   Those present were later encouraged to join in.  With the adornment of the  belly dance coined hip wrap and silk scarves, any anxieties disappeared as people took to the floor with fun and laughter filling the room.

Find out more about anxiety and how to develop positive coping strategies

For Sheherazade

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