Brilliant two-day MHFA Adult workshop at TSP Projects, York

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February 2017 – TSP Projects, York

Every workshop is unique as it is dependent on a number of factors – the reason why the workshop has been commissioned, the number of attendees, their knowledge and participation plus the venue.

TSP Projects who are based in York but but also have regional offices around the country.  They had identified the need for Mental Health First Aiders to work within the company alongside Physical First Aiders.   John, Sally, Thomas, Collette, Holly, Nicholas, Chris, Rachel and Pat really embraced the content of the Adult workshop contributing knowledge and experiences.

Fantastic that a company such as TSP is embracing the need for improved awareness regarding mental health and supporting staff to making the work environment mentally healthy.

Great couple of days spent here.



Delivery was excellent – thank you.  Lots of material to absorb.

Excellent course delivered with enthusiasm and care, warmth and touch of humour.

Deborah is very friendly and has a huge wealth of knowledge about mental health so made everything very clear and easy to understand.  The course content is amazing and very detailed and Deborah had a massive amount of additional resources to look at.  There was snacks, water, sweets, pens and notepaper – basically everything needed to make us comfortable.

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