Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week – Surviving or Thriving?

Every year people support mental health awareness week by getting involved in different activities.

This year’s activities will take place between 8 May 2017 and 14 May 2017.  The theme is ‘Surviving or Thriving?’ with much more focus on keeping well rather than focusing on mental ill health.

Why not hold an event

Think about ways you can bring people together and start conversations around mental health.

Some suggestions could be to:

Host a wellbeing walk – with friends, colleagues or people in your community

Set up a stand in your local hospital, community centre, library or supermarket

Hold a series of lectures or talks on mental health – make it interactive as possible and get the audience involved  

Visit the Mental Health Foundation website for lots more information.  You can add your event to their map. If you are organising a local event, why not let Wright Mind Training Services know about it.  We can add it to our website for you.

Going for woodland walks helps me thrive?.  What helps you to ‘thrive?’ Let us know, it can help others to know what works well for one person.  If you e-mail your story to us, please give us enough information to know you are genuine.  However, we won’t publish any personal information on our site.

Want to improve your mental wellbeing and those of your staff or group?  Why not visit our events page and see what courses we offer.  Alternatively contact us to discuss a bespoke booking.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Adult LITE – North Lincolnshire

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Adult LITE – Thursday 30 March 2017

Some people would say it is “unlucky 13” but on this occasion, the thirteen people who attended the half-day MHFA Adult LITE workshop organised by North Lincolnshire’s Citizen Advice Bureau would say differently.  The Adult LITE workshop is an introductory mental health awareness course delivered over three and a half hours but provides a good overview around various issues of mental health.  The attendees had an opportunity to engage in a couple of activities and watch films regarding the subject matter covered.  A really good group to work with and thanks are extended to the commissioner for asking me to deliver this workshop.



Enjoyable and worthwhile

Enjoyed the course, very interesting.

Useful resources.

Brilliant two-day MHFA Adult workshop at TSP Projects, York

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February 2017 – TSP Projects, York

Every workshop is unique as it is dependent on a number of factors – the reason why the workshop has been commissioned, the number of attendees, their knowledge and participation plus the venue.

TSP Projects who are based in York but but also have regional offices around the country.  They had identified the need for Mental Health First Aiders to work within the company alongside Physical First Aiders.   John, Sally, Thomas, Collette, Holly, Nicholas, Chris, Rachel and Pat really embraced the content of the Adult workshop contributing knowledge and experiences.

Fantastic that a company such as TSP is embracing the need for improved awareness regarding mental health and supporting staff to making the work environment mentally healthy.

Great couple of days spent here.



Delivery was excellent – thank you.  Lots of material to absorb.

Excellent course delivered with enthusiasm and care, warmth and touch of humour.

Deborah is very friendly and has a huge wealth of knowledge about mental health so made everything very clear and easy to understand.  The course content is amazing and very detailed and Deborah had a massive amount of additional resources to look at.  There was snacks, water, sweets, pens and notepaper – basically everything needed to make us comfortable.